Viridian Wars

The Viridian Wars (7403 – 7409)

The Viridian Wars, aka the War of Green and Red, had some of the bloodiest battles in recorded history. Though the two Viridians, unified under one government in Titan, fought the first several years with a great deal of civility, considering – airship battles, best formations of platoon-versus-platoon – in the Spring of 7405 an impossibly large and well-organized insurgence of Halajordian tribals invaded both territories with a surprising understanding of the two nation-states’ infrastructure centers. They slowly ransacked and pillaged, city by city, weakest to strongest.

This led to an uneasy alliance between the two original warring states: two flourishing trade ports began massing at the juncture of the two closest points of either island, and both governments pumped military-allocated funding into the area. Eventually the cityscape bridged the two ports, forever binding the two nation-states with the trade entity which would soon become known as The Traverse.

But the Halajordians, at one point thought to be funded by the vampires of The Eyrie (the theory was cast aside once word spread of the little rebellion of their own they were trying to quell), pressed ever forward to Titan and, successfully, to Tattersaw. The then-capital of South Viridian was dealt an incredible blow with the destruction of the Salty River Dam; the tribals broke the dam, cutting water trade routes and chrysallis-fueled power to the city and worst of all flooding a seventeen-mile stretch of the lower city.

At this point, a joint military declaration of peace and defense was drawn up and signed by the two governments’ leaders and a special army – the Milicia Subitis – was formed to combat the Halajordians in their own unorthodox fighting style. In the Autumn of 7408, the Milicia took to the hills and battled the tribals at their own encampments. Finally, the Halajordians began to falter in their resolve.

The Halajordians had but one more trick to play, it seemed, when come Winter’s Eve at High Moon a force of significant might and battle experience crept to Titan through the Piney Forests. But snow was not a familiar thing to the tribals, and despite their strength they were overtaken in a heroic fight by Milicia Men hiding in the tall pines.

With the tribes of The Halajord broken and the two Viridians in a strong alliance, the Viridian Wars ended. Peace returned to West and South Viridian and to this day, almost two score years later, The Traverse is the single most wealthy trading hub in all the Isles.

The Milicia Subitis (now reorganized into the Defensor Agentia) victory has been celebrated every year since with the placement of magnificent pines in the homes of both Viridians topped with little men – the heroes who saved Titan – on every Winter’s Eve, the official end of the Wars of Green and Red.

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Viridian Wars

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