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Studies (Paths)

Axioms of Reality (Magic of the Shadow Strawberry)

Ruling Arcana: Prime, Space, Time
Common Arcana: Fate, Forces, Life, Matter, Mind, Spirit
Inferior Arcanum: Death
Favored Resistance Attribute: Resolve

Maxims of Causality (Magic of the Silver Sun)

Ruling Arcana: Forces, Life, Matter
Common Arcana: Fate, Mind, Prime, Space, Spirit, Time
Inferior Arcanum: Death
Favored Resistance Attribute: Stamina

Precepts of Effectuality (Magic of the Pale Moon)

Ruling Arcana: Fate, Mind, Spirit
Common Arcana: Forces, Life, Matter, Prime, Space, Time
Inferior Arcanum: Death
Favored Resistance Attribute: Composure

The Doctrine Nox (Night Magic)

Ruling Arcanum: Death
Common Arcana: Fate, Forces, Life, Matter, Mind, Prime, Space, Spirit, Time
Favored Resistance Attribute: Composure, Resolve or Stamina
Special: There are no common Arcana for disciples of The Doctrine Nox. Necromancers are limited in scope concerning their area of expertise (only one ruling Arcanum), and it proves difficult to venture outside the Doctrine once a mage has started down that path. Additionally, all rote spells learned in the Death Arcanum cost 1 experience point fewer to learn when the mage is of The Doctrine Nox; however, by the same token, Death must be this mage’s highest Arcana at all times (she may not even have another that has the same amount of dots). This represents the seductive yet entrapping nature of the school. She may also choose the Resistance Attribute (Composure, Resolve, Stamina) to raise at character creation.

Changing Studies

It is possible for a mage to change her Study after character creation. Such a process requires at least one full day’s worth of meditation. In game terms, this is represented by an extended Resolve + Composure roll (each roll equals 1 full day of meditation during which the mage need not eat, drink, sleep, or perform any other usually necessary bodily function) with a target number of successes equal to five times her current dots in Level. At the end of each full day, she must scour each of her Physical Attributes once (one point each from Strength, Dexterity, and Stamina) and expend one point of Essence. Upon achieving this number, the mage is entirely unable to use magic for one full day, after which she pays an Experience cost equal to the cost of each dot of her Level (as in, 8 experience at Level •, 24 experience at Level ••, etc.). Upon this experience point loss (which is not given up until the full 24 hours pass, in case she is to change her mind), she changes her Study (and all the benefits and drawbacks thereof), her Arcana dots, and her chosen rote spells. She is of course able to lower her dots in Level if she does not wish to pay the high experience point cost, which would potentially lower her Arcana dots as well. For instance, if a wizard who follows the Axioms of Reality decides that it would be more beneficial for her status in the Myriad Trinity to practice more magic from the Mind and Spirit Arcana, she can completely switch her favored Study. She has Level •••, and decides to Relearn as a Mage who follows the Precepts of Effectuality instead — therefore, she has to expend 48 experience to do so. All dots spent in all Arcana and rote spells devolve into Arcane Experience, which she can choose to reallocate as she sees fit, spending it as normal Arcane Experience (including holding onto some or all of it). Note that her favored Resistance Attribute also changes to match her new Path. Magical Essence changes her patterns on a very fundamental, even genetic level.


Paradox rolls are not triggered by casting an improbable spells simply by the presence of Men (Sleepers), for magic is a common part of the known world; however, the number of Men around still affects the likelihood of a Paradox roll to succeed. Retain any bonuses from the core rules set in the case of modifiers to a Paradox roll when Men are present.

Practitioners of The Doctrine Nox have an additional advantage here: their magic (not only the Death Arcanum, but any spell from any Arcanum, for they all contain the necromancer’s pestilent nimbus) is studied and woven in such a way that the presence of Men has no effect whatsoever on the outcome of Paradox rolls. Nox, however, is so unnatural to wizards that their minds and bodies naturally recoil from the very residue of it. Instead, the necromancer must use a focus, as detailed below, or persistently suffer a cumulative +1 (stacks with other bonuses) to all Paradox dice rolls made for every Death spell she weaves until she uses a Focus again. (This setback applies to Paradox for spells outside the Death Arcanum, but such spells do not cause a cumulative gain in the Paradox dice pool.) Her magic shouldn’t exist in her, and would very much like to tear both her body and the world around her apart.

New Merit: Focus (• to •••••)

Prerequisites: Learned (Awakened)
The mage has a focus for her particular Arcanum of choice. Whether it is a carved wooden disc with Aranium inlays or simply the stereotypical wand or staff, her focus helps with Paradox rolls. Foci are made of a specific type of wood, different for each of the Arcana; for instance, the Spirit Arcanum is attuned to wood from a willow. The focus provides -1 on Paradox rolls for all spells, and an additional (stacking) -1 on Paradox rolls for spells of its attuned Arcanum, and eliminates any bonus to the dice pool from the presence of Men. This focus, to the undiscerning, mortal eye, appears to be an enigmatic device.
In order to be a Focus, the item in question, no matter the size, has to be made primarily of wood and also have an ample (but not overwhelming) amount of Aranium lain into it. Foci can technically be crafted from any type of wood, but only the woods below grant additional benefits to spellcasters. Otherwise, Paradox dice pools are simply reduced by 1 (to a minimum of zero dice).

Death Ash -1 to Paradox for all Death spells; exceptional success for Death spells achieved at 4 successes
Fate Elm -1 to Paradox for all Fate spells; may roll a chance die to mitigate any successful Paradox
Forces Holly -1 to Paradox for all Forces spells; all Forces spells which deal damage deal +1 automatic damage on success
Life Yew -1 to Paradox for all Life spells; all Life spells heal +1 bashing or lethal damage, regardless of spell, to target or self
Matter Oak -1 to Paradox for all Matter spells; all Matter spells which alter substances are prolonged by one turn
Mind Hazel -1 to Paradox for all Mind spells; as part of any Mind spell, may disguise focus as a like object for one scene
Prime Blackthorn -1 to Paradox for all Prime spells; +1 automatic success to Counterspell, Dispel Magic, or Magic Shield
Space Fir -1 to Paradox for all Space spells; subtract 1 from all sympathetic spell penalties (cannot go below 0)
Spirit Willow -1 to Paradox for all Spirit spells; +1 to all Social rolls (not spells) when dealing with spirits
Time Alder -1 to Paradox for all Time spells; subtract 1 from all temporal sympathetic spell penalties (cannot go below 0)

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