Pericot Woodworth

The Scrubber

Age: 43 Virtue: Patient Vice: Treacherous
Archetype: Gatekeeper Threshold: The Forgotten (Chance) Geist: Nebula, the Smoky One


eliminate the Kingman, whether or not he actually killed Flockwind (long-term)
uncover the mysteries surround my “death,” or, apparently, lack thereof (short-term)


Intelligence •• Strength •• Presence •
Wits •••• Dexterity ••• Manipulation •••
Resolve •• Stamina ••• Composure •••


Mental Physical Social
Folklore Athletics •• Animal Ken
Enigmas Brawl ••• Empathy
Crafts Operate Expression
Investigation • Firearms Intimidation ••
Medicine •• Larceny • Persuasion •
Occult •• Stealth •••• Socialize
Politics • Survival Streetwise •
Artifice • Weaponry •• Subterfuge

Skill Specialties

Occult: ghosts
Politics: organized crime
Intimidation: creepiness


Common Sense ••••
Disarm ••
Haunt (fluidity) •
Haunt (resolve) •
Meditative Mind •
Status (Loose Alliance of Underlords) ••
Trained Memory •

Keys & Manifestations

Keys Manifestations
Pyre-Flame The Oracle ••
Cold Wind The Shroud •
Stillness -


Name Rating
Mortis Mask ••


Well worn light suede jacket, stained burlap trousers, small cloth bag on a string, knee-high foot wraps, rusted serrated knife, handkerchief.


Health: ••••••••
Willpower: •••••
Psyche: ••
Plasm: max 18/2 per turn
Size: 5
Speed: 10
Defense: 3
Armor: /
Initiative Mod: 6



Synergy •••••
Conditions: Pyromania


Pericot Woodworth serves as a “scrubber” of sorts for the (Loose) Alliance of Underlords in South Viridian. There are a tidy handful of these lords of the criminal underworld, and they employ this character on a commissioned basis, each boss recognizing individually that none of the others has a sway over his allegiances more so than any other. His neutrality is one of the reasons the Alliance stays “together,” despite their internal, squabbling power struggle – or, rather, his master, Hurlot Flockwind, was, before his untimely demise some six months ago. Pericot was under Flockwind’s tutelage for the better part of two years, training under him and slowly learning his vast knowledge of ghostly ceremonies. Flockwind was not Forgotten, like Pericot, but rather one of the Torn, and a master of Stigmata primarily. Not so much of the elements, like Pericot. But he fulfilled the same role that Pericot now does with the Alliance – to the point where he suspects one of the crime bosses felt Flockwind had outlived his usefulness. As such, he refuses to become malleable to their whims. He exists only to preserve the boundary between the living and the dead. But they do pay him nicely to make sure none of their wrongdoings come back to haunt them, so to speak, especially when it comes to fooling the local government. He takes care of crime scenes for them, to put it bluntly. The bosses aren’t aware of exactly what his skills entail or how he manages to disguise murder victims as that of corpses who succumbed to natural causes, and that’s a secret Pericot intends to keep. Unless, of course, one of them already knows, which is something he’s come to suspect in the time since Flockwind’s obvious murder…

It’s not often one finds a master of the supernatural mutilated and stuffed haphazardly into a dumpster, after all.

The Scrubber strongly suspects the Kingman (or “The Kingman, His Royalship” as his daft underlings call him constantly), a crazed crime lord who is ostracized by the Alliance and blissfully unaware of its existence. This Kingman is under the impression that the Scrubber serves only him, which is probably for the best, given the former’s self-righteous insanity. "Best not to disturb those already disturbed,” Hurlot Flockwind would always say. The Loose Alliance of Underlords wholeheartedly agrees, strangely enough, and ask only that he return to their council with information on the Kingman’s intentions.

For now, Pericot has been mopping up a string of the Kingman’s random murders (through his inane feudal ranks, of course), trying to keep the Tattersaw government’s noses out of the criminal masterminds’ business altogether. It’s been proving difficult, especially with this vigilante known as the Hangman mucking everything up. He must be managed, and for some reason the Kingman agrees.

Pericot Woodworth

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