Scippio Fortunus

Treasure hunter who happens to know whatever this universe's version of Parkour is.

Age: 32 Virtue: Fortitude Vice: Pride


Justin, choose some of these. Characters are supposed to have three – a combination of short- and long-term, and any kind thereof. Long-term obviously give better Experience rewards, but, conversely, short-term goals are much easier to achieve and may be replaced at the beginning of each Chapter. Change your Virtue and Vice to items from the lists from the God-Machine Rules Update, pg. 152.


Intelligence • Strength •• Presence ••
Wits •• Dexterity •••• Manipulation ••
Resolve ••• Stamina •• Composure •••


Mental Physical Social
Folklore Athletics •••• Animal Ken
Enigmas ••• Brawl Empathy
Crafts Operate Expression
Investigation Firearms •••• Intimidation •
Medicine •• Larceny Persuasion
Occult Stealth • Socialize •
Politics Survival •• Streetwise ••
Artifice •• Weaponry Subterfuge

Skill Specialties

Athletics: Parkour
Firearms: muskets
Streetwise: guards


Resources •••
Direction Sense •
Gunslinger •••
Movement Style: Parkour •
Fighting Style: Combat Marksmanship ••
Quick Draw (Firearms) •


a double pistol, his grandfather’s musket and journal of adventures and treasures


Health: •••••••
Willpower: ••••••
Size: 5
Speed: 11
Defense: 2
Armor: /
Initiative Mod: 7 (11, Combat Marksmanship)


Integrity ••••••
Conditions: Addiction (gambling)


Having known Caius Germanicus for quite some time and worked with him on several occasions, Scippio hired his airship pilot friend and his services to help track down a wondrous treasure he learned about from his grandfather’s journal. His grandfather’s journal was full of cryptic clues as to its whereabouts, but the foremost of all points to a little, nondescript shop on the Mobius. As they flew off in the Carr, and under the coincidental and sudden supervision of some Defensor Agentia personnel by the names of Snow, Duval, and Nero. Shortly after they went underway on the airship, and Scippio was practicing his dueling techniques versus Duval, quite the formidable opponent indeed, Duval pointed out a strange airship vectoring towards them from the Ursidae – the werebear isle. Antics ensued, and of course Scippio’s strange luck got him stranded on the island as a slave for the cruel lycanthropic empire.

Scippio Fortunus

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