Caius Germanicus

Airship captain extraordinaire

Age: 25 Virtue: Faith Vice: Pride


Matt, choose some of these. Characters are supposed to have three – a combination of short- and long-term, and any kind thereof. Long-term obviously give better Experience rewards, but, conversely, short-term goals are much easier to achieve and may be replaced at the beginning of each Chapter. Change your Virtue and Vice to items from the lists from the God-Machine Rules Update, pg. 152.


Intelligence •• Strength ••• Presence ••
Wits ••• Dexterity ••• Manipulation •••
Resolve •• Stamina •• Composure ••


Mental Physical Social
Folklore •• Athletics •• Animal Ken
Enigmas ••• Brawl •• Empathy
Crafts •• Operate ••• Expression
Investigation Firearms Intimidation
Medicine •• Larceny Persuasion
Occult • Stealth •• Socialize ••
Politics Survival Streetwise ••
Artifice Weaponry ••• Subterfuge

Skill Specialties

Enigmas: airships
Operate: airships
Weaponry: swords


Mentor •••
Barfly •
Stunt Driver •••
Resources •••
Disarm ••
Fighting Style: Fencing ••••
Quick Draw (Weaponry) •
Abyssal Resonance ••
Driving Style: High Performance Driving ••


Lucid Dead


appropriate bastard sword (what’s that supposed to mean?), a bunch of items that are now ghostly in nature


Corpus: •••••••
Willpower: ••••
Level: •
Essence: max 10/1 per turn
Size: 5
Speed: 11
Defense: 3
Armor: /
Initiative Mod: 5


Integrity ••••••
Conditions: -


Caius Germanicus was born to be an airship pilot. Airships were a staple amongst almost all of his family’s history, with many members a part of the Peregrine Royal Air Force. His great-great grandfather, Horace Germanicus fought off Halajordian invaders on P-Day. His grandmother was the first female Captain in the Air Force. His, father, Benedict Germanicus, not only a well renowned captain in the Air Force, also became famous across the isles when he restored the historic airship Carr, which had been in possession of the Germanicus family since before the Viridian wars, to working order. Unhappy with all the attention his family had received since this, Benedict moved his family from Peregrine, to a small town in the allied Isle of South Viridian.

Caius was still quite young when the family moved. Being the only Peregrinian in the academy was tough, and despite being captain of the fencing team, Caius never fully fit in with the other students. Even when he was older, he was stricken with the nickname “Poo-boy”, after sullying his clothing while attempting to rescue a fellow student from a goblin hive.

Regardless, after graduation Caius took the Carr to the air, getting a job at Traverse-based shipping company Fortunus & Sons, LTD. It was there he lived for some time, gradually becoming more a free-lance pilot and less of an official employee.

Caius Germanicus

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