Character Creation

Update for players from the God-Machine Rules Update.


An adaptation to the Paths of Mage: the Awakening. There are four paths available to Wizards now instead of the typical five, and there are different rules concerning the balances of the four.


An adaptation to the Orders of M:tA. There are still five in number but they now are based around Trinities and have different rote skills based on the roles they play in Aranian society.


Supplements to the Advantages of M:tA. Gnosis works a bit differently in both the roleplaying and statistical senses.


An adaptation to the core World of Darkness system. Several Skills are changed to more readily fit the setting of Arania.


A supplement to the Merits already presented in the M:tA and core WoD setting. Specific changes are to the Academics, Computer, Drive, and Science Skills.

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