Defensor Agentia

Location: Viridian, South and West (official HQ located in Titan, WV)
Founded: Summer 7408 (as the Milicia Subitis)
Motto: “Semper Vigilantissimi”

A joint pact of the governments of Titan and Plink led to the emergency creation of a military-based agency to defeat a prolonged incursion of Halajordian tribals. After the end of the war two seasons later, the governments realized the lack of need for such a militia and began legislation to disband it. But there was much negative public reaction to this measure, as the members of the Subitis were widely regarded by the citizens of the Viridians as international heroes.

As the threat of a reorganized Eyrian government loomed over the next five seasons, the Viridian heads of state pushed for a reenactment of the Milicia Subitis in its current form: the Defensor Agentia.

The D.A.‘s current mission statement is to remain the top counterintelligence and soldiery agency in the Isles, especially versus the supernatural threat of nightfolk both in and out of the Viridians. A strong stereotype against the Kingship of Othmar and his vampiric servants exists amongst the ranks of the D.A.’s now less-than-noble agents.

The recent events in Titan have left a substantial portion of Defensor Agentia’s agents utterly obliterated and the organization in an extreme state of disarray, as its agents are commonly undercover in different regions of the Isles and accountability is difficult without an extreme terrorist attack taking place. One of its bunkers how now been destroyed and burns with a chrysallis inferno to this day.

Defensor Agentia

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