Fanny Pack of Random Mostly Useful Components

"Ruddy thing, all I want is to find my fucking comb. It won't stop giving me pocketknives!"

  • Artifact •••
  • Max Essence: 5
  • Raw Creation (Matter ••••): “create” object of Size 3 or smaller, with 1 additional Size point or Durability point per extra success; Prolonged (one scene)
  • Cost: 1 Essence
  • user fumbles around briefly in the fanny pack until he finds something appropriate; cannot be made into an extended roll
  • if target number of successes is not achieved, Storyteller may opt to grant a different item with successes rolled that is also at least mildly useful pertaining to the situation at hand
  • dramatic failure results in either 1 point of lethal damage or 1 sacrificed point of Essence, whichever the user decides
  • exceptional success

There is a good chance you’ll pull out something at least mildly useful for the situation at hand when you muck around inside this fanny pack. The items in question often seem like they wouldn’t fit inside the fanny pack, especially all at once.

This Artifact can nowadays be found worn around the waist of the gray mage, Greenwort. He resides mostly in Tattersaw Lower, South Viridian, and isn’t seen much outside the odd private investigations he carries out.

Fanny Pack of Random Mostly Useful Components

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