Lindemindt Bullstrop

The Vassal

Age: 26 Virtue: Hopeful Vice: Arrogant
Seeming: Darkling Kith: Tunnelgrub Court: The Kingman’s Court (Sun)


  • usurp Lord Lybyll and succeed my current post as his Vassal (long-term)
  • save The Kingman (short-term)
  • unmask the treachery of the changeling Families


Intelligence • Strength ••• Presence ••
Wits • Dexterity • Manipulation •••••
Resolve •••• Stamina ••• Composure •


Mental Physical Social
Folklore •••• Athletics •• Animal Ken •
Enigmas Brawl •• Empathy
Crafts Operate • Expression •
Investigation Firearms Intimidation ••
Medicine Larceny Persuasion ••
Occult Stealth Socialize •
Politics Survival • Streetwise ••
Artifice Weaponry •• Subterfuge ••

Skill Specialties

Folklore: ghost stories
Athletics: small spaces
Brawl: boxing
Weaponry: swords


Brawling Dodge •
Brownie’s Boon •
Encyclopedic Knowledge ••••
Fighting Style: Boxing •
Fighting Style: Sword & Shield •••
Mantle (Sun) ••
Hollow (size) ••••*
Hollow (amenities) •••*
Hollow (doors) •••*
Inspiring ••••

*denotes shared Merit


The Board ••
Darkness •
Reflections ••


The Kingman’s royal leather vassal garb (Armor Rating 1/1), a well kept longsword, a small forearm shaped buckler for ease of movement, and some sturdy black bullhide boots.


Health: ••••••••
Willpower: •••••
Wyrd: •
Glamour: max 10/1 per turn
Size: 5
Speed: 9
Defense: 2 (3, Brawling Dodge)
Armor: 1/1
Initiative Mod: 2


Poor Sight

Clarity •••••
Conditions: Irrational Defiance


Lindemindt Bullstrop is one of the trio of Vassals that serve under Lord Lybyll, or in turn is one of the quadruplet of Lords to serve under the Kingman. Bullstrop hates his position, but he is undyingly loyal to the Kingman for everything he’s done for the Kingmandom. Without the Kingman, since the time known as the Sudden Loss of Interest, their entire royal order would have crumbled into disorder. They owe everything to Him. But this Lybyll ass was going to get in the way of Bullstrop’s servitude no longer. Less than two nights ago, Bullstrop pocketed a Royal Decree from the Kingman which he found lying unopened on his “lord’s” desk. It said to ensure that a man named Greenwort – who apparently now goes by Mr. Green – witnesses the murder, by the hand of that brute the Hangman of someone else named Goldwater Junip in his own apartment. It even specified a particular date and time. This was his chance to show the Kingman that he was better than his Lord Lybyll and advance past his fellow Vassals much sooner than was typically allowed. Bullstrop was special; he just needed to prove it.

Lindemindt Bullstrop

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