Goldwater Junip

The Target

Age: 31 Virtue: Hopeful Vice: Cowardly


do something with my life, already (long-term)
figure out this whole “undeath” situation (short-term)


Intelligence •••• Strength •• Presence ••
Wits ••• Dexterity •• Manipulation ••••
Resolve •• Stamina •• Composure ••


Mental Physical Social
Folklore ••••• Athletics Animal Ken
Enigmas ••• Brawl Empathy
Crafts • Operate • Expression •••
Investigation Firearms Intimidation
Medicine • Larceny • Persuasion ••••
Occult Stealth Socialize ••
Politics • Survival ••• Streetwise ••
Artifice • Weaponry Subterfuge •

Skill Specialties

Expression: column writing
Persuasion: haggling
Streetwise: red-light crimes


Danger Sense ••
Eidetic Memory ••
Iron Stomach ••
Outdoorsman ••
Rational Explanation (Folklore) ••••
Well Traveled •


Display-only crossbow replica with questionable operability, display version of lamellar leather armor in need of a good oiling, the Magmorb, an inordinate amount of camping gear, carving knife which he never thinks to use as an actual weapon, several oversized suits in poor condition.


Health: •••••••
Willpower: ••••
Size: 5
Speed: 9
Defense: 2
Armor: /
Initiative Mod: 6



Integrity •••••
Conditions: Inferiority Complex, Undead (smells to high heavens, so a -1 to most Social rolls; Speed -3, as he now shambles along; however, lethal damage not done directly to the brain is dealt as bashing damage; damage heals twice as fast; cannot die from bleeding out)


Goldwater Junip is a cowardly man from Tattersaw Lower who for some paradoxical reason yearns for adventure. Every event in his life has led up to this – his recent acquisition of this clearly magical orb. It’s warm to the touch, and quite lovely to look at, but beyond that, the fortune teller he brought it to said it would bring him great adventure! And something about the Halajord… Regardless, every fiber of his being is excited, as his life is finally taking the shape it was always meant to do. Never mind that it just mysteriously showed up at his door two weeks ago in a wooden crate; this was his chance! No more op-ed journalism or corner prostitute visits for Goldwater Junip!

He was so excited by what this fortune teller told him that he had all but forgotten that he had invited Mr. Green to come by and look at it, despite the twenty-odd invitations he had sent him since he got the orb…

Goldwater Junip

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