Nero Faxon

Portals. So many portals.

Age: 25 (Apparent Age 25) Virtue: Temperance Vice: Pride
Path: Axioms of Reality Order: Sarcophagus Trinity Legacy: -


Brian, choose some of these. Characters are supposed to have three – a combination of short- and long-term, and any kind thereof. Long-term obviously give better Experience rewards, but, conversely, short-term goals are much easier to achieve and may be replaced at the beginning of each Chapter. Keep your Virtue and Vice for now – I read over Blood & Smoke from the Vampire update and apparently supernatural characters use a different mechanic. We’ll update to that whenever they release what exactly the Mage one is (for example, vampires use Mask and Dirge, what they pretend to be and what they are deep down, respectively, and both choose from the same list of traits).


Intelligence ••• Strength •• Presence ••
Wits ••• Dexterity •• Manipulation •••
Resolve ••• Stamina •• Composure ••


Mental Physical Social
Folklore •• Athletics Animal Ken
Enigmas ••• Brawl Empathy
Crafts Operate • Expression ••
Investigation •• Firearms Intimidation
Medicine Larceny • Persuasion •
Occult ••• Stealth • Socialize ••
Politics Survival Streetwise
Artifice •• Weaponry • Subterfuge ••

Bold denotes Rote Skill

Skill Specialties

Occult: magic
Artifice: biomancy
Socialize: formal events


Danger Sense ••
Encyclopedic Knowledge ••••
Meditative Mind •
Sanctum (security) •*
Sanctum (size) ••*
High Speech •
Hallow ••••*
Familiar (embodied) ••••
Library (biomancy) •*

*Denotes a shared Merit


Prime •
Space •••
Time •••

Rote Spells

Name Level Dice Pool Arcana
Portal (Escape Hatch) 3 8 Space
Untouchable (Twisting Threads) 2 9 Space
Perfect Timing (Strike True) 1 6 Time


Goggles of Seeing, Paintbrush of Change, Hammer of Repair, crossbow, masterwork mace, matrix headband, shitty robes in dire need of laundering


Health: •••••••
Willpower: •••••
Level: •••
Essence: max 12/3 per turn
Size: 5
Speed: 9
Defense: 2
Armor: / (+3 Untouchable)
Initiative Mod: 4


Wisdom •••••••
Conditions: -


Nero Faxon was born in the city of Plink, capital of the South Viridian. He lived an uneventful childhood (which he mostly refuses to talk about, for reasons undisclosed), which was notable only in that Nero showed a surprising capacity for learning, even at an early age. He excelled in every class that he was enrolled in and easily — some would say effortlessly — passed every test that was placed before him. His exceptional academic record eventually lead to his acceptance into the Academiae, where he found his classes to be truly difficult for the first time in his life. Rising to the challenges at hand, he quickly found himself engrossed in his studies and earned a fair amount of respect among both his peers and teachers.

Nero is friendly to everyone he meets, but has few true friends. Chief among them is Comyn, who is perhaps the only student more intellectually accomplished than Nero himself. While they have maintained a sexual relationship for several years now, Nero insists (and probably believes) that it is entirely casual. He is also friends with Ace Sedai; although Nero has not yet fully opened up to Ace about his past, he otherwise fully trusts him and considers him to be a rare intellectual equal. One could also say that Nero and Bade Ignatius Guy are friends, although more due to their status as coworkers and fellow mages more than anything else.

Although Nero is extremely intelligent, since becoming an Umbra Magus he has always had a tendency to over-rely on his skills as a mage to solve even trivial problems. Since his near demise at the hands of the king ogresaur due to the failure of multiple Portal spells, this flaw has only become more pronounced. He now frequently uses Portal to travel between different rooms in his sanctum, to move otherwise easily-carried objects around, or even just to scratch his own back.

Nero Faxon

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