Olivant Munckgummery

Highest Priest of Regency in all the Isles; a bit cloudy when it comes to remembering things


Aged beyond belief, Olivant Munckgummery is famed throughout the civilized parts of Arania as being the voice of Regina Arania and her devoted religion. He resides in Titan, West Viridian, in Her most majestic place of worship.

Caius briefly met His Papalship, Munckgummery, during his only time visiting the Cathedral of the Shimmering Spider. He gave Caius his blessing upon his receiving of the wayward child of Regina Arania‚Ķ but then he sent him down a dark and dangerous path of weird hallucinations and dark, spider-filled tunnels while Nero was distracted. Their final goodbye was cryptic, to say the least, and Caius met his “final” fate not some ten minutes later.

Olivant Munckgummery

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