Eccentric, shortsighted, and of questionable motives. An oligarch of Sarcophagus Trinity.



  • Order: Sarcophagus Trinity
  • Path: Maxims of Causality






  • Status (Sarcophagus Trinity) 3


  • Forces 3 (or higher)
  • Space 2 (or higher)


  • Level 10 (presumed)
  • Max Essence 11 (or higher)
  • Health unknown
  • Willpower unknown
  • Initiative unknown
  • Defense unknown
  • Wisdom unknown

Lorimer is an oligarch of Sarcophagus Trinity and a practitioner of the Maxims of Causality. He seems to favor magic that involves storms, and typically likes to cast them from a distance before suddenly appearing at their centers. He was an instructor at the Academy and last trained the class that included Sedai, Nero Faxon, Caius, Comyn, and Burito. A class trip to the Balsam Wood in the northlands of South Viridian ended catastrophically after the class fought a handful of trolls alongside the assistant carriage driver, losing their beloved second instructor not to troll attack but rather to a rogue carriage that ran her over; after a pair of students, while studying the goblins, went on a massacre and destroyed over a dozen of them and spurred the hive into retributive action; and after one student, who allegedly went on to become an airship pilot, infiltrated the goblin hive itself, spoke to the queen brain controlling the creatures, and caused Lorimer to have no other choice but to destroy the hive’s cave and all the nightfolk within.

Lorimer since resigned from that post in the Academy, but things worked out well for him and he was appointed to a vacant oligarch seat on the Sarcophagus Trinity Council. He has since used quite a bit of his influence, as the next three years that bring us to the present leave him apparently fumbling to control the events that go on around him. South Viridian seems to be a lot more chaotic than it was before, and a lot of the chaos seems to stem from his rule. Not many are happy with the oligarch, seeing him as someone who likes to ignore problems and swindle his way through the power structure until either one blows up in his face.

His various machinations, the motives of which are questionably sane, at best, have entangled him with the Crew more times than either party can count. He was last seen just before he sent them on a fool’s errand to the Möbius.

Hawthorne, one of the oligarchs of the resident Myriad Trinity on the isle, hid no feelings on his particular disdain for his counterpart of the Sarcophagus Trinity upon the Crew’s first meeting of him.


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