"…Outstanding," he replied, with the most minute amount of sarcasm he could muster.


Hawthorne, a very gaunt man by most standards, dresses modestly, save for his choice of wardrobe color. Like his counterparts in the Myriad Trinity, this pale mage wears the gold-hemmed royal blues and burnt oranges of his order, usually in the form of simply hewn tunics and trousers. His boots, however, have to be the most lavish articles he owns, as the sleekly polished footwear are the first thing anyone notices when encountering him for the first time.

That being said, the highest ranking pale mage of Myriad Trinity takes his position very seriously. The Möbius’s chamber of commerce is perhaps the most ostentatious wizardly charade for a government and he takes pride in sticking his not-so-normal-sized nose in the affairs of the entire Möbius magocracy to ensure that everything is occurring to his design. Sure, Firth and Windsor may share an equal amount of the oligarchy with him, but they can deal with the politics of Trinitas Maximus and the higher tenants of magic itself. Hawthorne is entirely content managing this nation. His nation.

Hawthorne was last encountered on the Carr itself, along with his fellow Myriad oligarchs Firth and Windsor. After Windsor’s sudden departure from the scene, Hawthorne took the reigns and briefed the Crew on the situation at hand regarding the disappearance of Machio Fortunus and why exactly both Myriad Trinity and the Crew of the Carr should care.


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