Hangman (The)

The Hangman

Age: 34 Virtue: Courageous Vice: Arrogant
Archetype: Advocate Threshold: The Torn (Violence) Geist: Blackbody, the Unruly One


make the Underlords dependent on me, not vice versa (long-term)
uncover the mysteries surround my “death,” or, apparently, lack thereof (short-term)


Intelligence ••• Strength •••• Presence ••••
Wits • Dexterity • Manipulation •
Resolve •• Stamina ••• Composure ••


Mental Physical Social
Folklore Athletics • Animal Ken
Enigmas Brawl ••• Empathy
Crafts Operate Expression
Investigation ••• Firearms • Intimidation ••••
Medicine •• Larceny • Persuasion •
Occult Stealth ••• Socialize
Politics •• Survival Streetwise •
Artifice Weaponry ••• Subterfuge

Skill Specialties

Medicine: human anatomy
Weaponry: sickle, human anatomy
Intimidation: stone-cold stare


Brawling Dodge •
Bureaucratic Navigator ••
Danger Sense ••
Interdisciplinary Specialty •
Mentor •••••
Quick Healer ••••
Status (Kingman’s Court) ••

Keys & Manifestations

Keys Manifestations
Phantasmal The Boneyard •
Stigmata The Oracle •
- The Shroud •


immaculate sharpened sickle used only for killing blows, dark woolen cloak and cowl, heavy belt and polished leather boots that make a very identifiable clicking sound when he steps a certain way, a ridiculous amount of Viridian currency of which he’s very suddenly come into ownership.


Health: ••••••••
Willpower: •••••
Psyche: •
Plasm: max 14/1 per turn
Size: 5
Speed: 10
Defense: 1 (4, Brawling Dodge)
Armor: /
Initiative Mod: 3



Integrity •••••
Conditions: Addiction (chain-smoking)


The Hangman’s name is unknown to any but himself. He is thought to be an orphan, and many rumors say he in fact was the cause of their demise. He hasn’t ever uttered a sound, but most are too afraid to ask him why. The Hangman works around the city for different unsavory men of power, but this is only his third time performing a job for the Kingman. He’s not sure if he should continue – the pay is entirely too good to be true. And he’s heard rumors that people who work with him tend to not turn up alive after too long. But still, the pay… At any rate, his current assignment from him is to kill a man named Goldwater Junip, who is apparently about to go on an extended trek to the Halajord if he’s not dealt with now. He’s only got one more shot to end him, and it’s tonight.

Hangman (The)

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