"Every part of life should be thoroughly enjoyed," he supplied, "especially when it comes to food."


Firth quite obviously enjoys life and refuses to spend a single unnecessary second in anything less than an outstanding mood.

Firth is one of the oligarchy of Myriad Trinity. He readily shares the secrets of Causality with mages of any order, but such generosity certainly depends on his mood. Firth commonly succumbs to bouts of great hunger, and when he decides he needs to fuel his almost grotesquely rotund belly, nothing can stop his resolve. He impatiently debates with his contemporaries from other Trinities, and has a particular disdain for those of Sarcophagus Trinity. Lorimer and he never seem to have any love lost between them when periodically shedding each other in a nasty light before convocational hearings.

Rumors exist – ones that particularly seem to originate from mages who master the tenants of time – that Firth used to have quite the athletic body. Now he has anything but.

When the Crew last saw Firth, he gave them a minute amount of information regarding the mission involving the disappearance of Machio Fortunus. Something else seemed to be occupying his concentration. It is unclear exactly as to what that something was.


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