"Just… don't look at his shlong."


Demonomanon is a forked-tongued bastard, the Keeper of Contracts and Master of the Wood. He is responsible for the changelings in the world; unlike the rest of his praesegmen contemporaries, he desires the service of human souls, not mindless nightfolk homunculi. The Courts of South Viridian serve him and only him, though most serving below the Royalty of the Courts are unaware of their ultimate fealty.

The Kingman seeks to overcome his allegiance to Demonomanon forever, and the Keeper is aware of this. For now, Demonomanon keeps the Kingman in his peripherals, because, though he might not be much of a threat, the Kingman seems to have learned of a loophole in his Contract, one way or another.

Demonomanon never wears clothes and displays his red, toned body with pride. Including his shlong. Which is massive. Don’t look at it.


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