A werebear chieftain of the Ursidae



Strength •••••••+


Health •••••••••••••+
Size 7
Speed 11+


One Eye
Hard of Hearing


Dagur is massive even for werebear standards, his thick black fur making him look like a gargantuan, angry shadow. He is rippling with muscle, which is easily visible even under his fur coat. Some horrible-looking scars have left him both blind in his right eye and deaf in his right ear (the ear is almost completely ripped away).

When the party first encountered Dagur, their astral projections were aboard the Carr, bound for the Möbius, passing the Ursidae. A werebear dreadnought intercepted them and blew apart the Carr with little warning. Dagur and a few other werebears boarded the airship and the chieftain severed Caius’s projection’s right arm (which he still has trouble getting to work properly).

When their projections reset and then returned to the Ursidae, the party was enslaved and Caius became Dagur’s personal manservant. One night as Caius attempted a daring escape, Dagur woke from his slumber to stop him. Bade intervened and along with Caius he defeated the giant bear. And as if it were a cruel joke, Caius put out his only good eye with an oversized letter opener before he fell out his own cabin’s window and down into the dark jungle floor below.


Arania hamildong