Once-flourishing, dead young mage of Sarcophagus Trinity



Like Burito, Comyn was in the graduating class of the Academy that included Nero Faxon, Ace Sedai, and Caius Germanicus. Bade Ignatius Guy, operating as assistant stagecoach captain, also briefly met her on the class’s senior-year trip to the Balsam Wood. She was top of the class then and continued to quickly rise in the ranks of Sarcophagus Trinity.

Comyn, for the past several years, shared a casual sexual relationship with Nero. She preferred not to get involved emotionally with her colleagues, though some swear, despite her allegations otherwise, that the relationship she had bore more than a little attachment.

Like Nero, she was a practitioner of the Axioms of Reality.

Comyn died manipulating Nero and Caius in some way using an Artifactual shard of the original Carr. Its purpose is yet unknown, as it was lost in the tempestatum surrounding her place of death. Nero watched her spirit disintegrate as she apologized to him.


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