Burleytoss (The)

One of the true Heroes of Arania; a drunken and slovenly mess of a warrior, whose name is typically accompanied by a preceding "The."


As in, “the Burleytoss.”

His abilites are something of legend and likely are too high to be represented by a set of numerical values. Either that or he possesses a strange amount of luck and a will stronger than iron.

That being said, here are a small collection of his stats:


Intelligence ••• Strength ••••• Presence ••••
Wits •••• Dexterity •••• Manipulation •
Resolve •••••• Stamina •••••••••• Composure ••


Mental Physical Social
Folklore ••• Athletics ••••••• Animal Ken ••
Enigmas Brawl ••• Empathy
Crafts • Operate Expression ••
Investigation •••• Firearms Intimidation •••••
Medicine • Larceny • Persuasion •
Occult ••• Stealth ••• Socialize •
Politics Survival ••••• Streetwise
Artifice • Weaponry ••••••••• Subterfuge

Skill Specialties

Animal Ken: creatures which howl but he also has to howl
Brawl: headbutts
Crafts: whetstones
Expression: operatic serenades
Intimidation: blood-curdling screams
Socialize: drunken dancing
Weaponry: polearms


unknown to all, even himself (but he must have Fleet of Foot because he’s a fast mamajama)


A magnificent fire emblem halberd with a pair of women’s undergarments tied to the top spike, a growler typically on its final dregs of beer, dark and worn leather pants, thickly soled cowboy boots, and no shirt whatsoever.


Health: •••••••••••••••
Willpower: ••••••••
Size: 5
Speed: 12
Defense: 4
Armor: /
Initiative Mod: 6
Integrity ••••••••
Conditions: Addiction (alcohol)


Legend has it, the Burleytoss earned his name by throwing the Shadow Strawberry into the Sky during a strongman contest. He is a specter of a Hero, and the few who claim to have seen him in the flesh are probably a little off their rockers. The story of the Burleytoss is sometimes a bedtime story, after all, recited to starry-eyed children either to entertain to set straight. Other times, it’s a campfire tale, told to and by weary travelers to comfort from night’s unbidden horrors. Yet somehow most of all, the myth is used to inspire soldiers: both downtrodden, facing impossible odds, and confident, nigh victorious, alike.

Most tales focus on the Burleytoss’s bloodthirst and physical prowess. Descriptions of his combat abilities are astronomical in nature, and his stature ranges from quick and lithe to bulking and damn near furry. He is a source of scorn of most supernal creatures, for his believed racism against lycanthropes, vampires, and the like can be justification for other humans, too. He is often cited in prayers, in fact, when humans feel that they will be preyed upon, or used as “futile” curses against their Nightfolk foes when faced with imminent danger.

It is said that his love for women was so great and insatiable that he would bed any woman he saw – and, to be clear when talking before female audiences, none would resist. The Burleytoss is, after all, the manliest man to ever exist. It is commonly believed that, once he bedded all the women on all the Isles, he looked up to the Sky at his old love, the Shadow, the Randomly Orbiting Fruit, and vowed to have her as well. He scorned himself for having thrown her up there, but could not bear to take back his prior actions (for the Burleytoss could do no wrong), so he leapt at her. To this day, the orbit of the Strawberry is said to be of her trying, in vain, to shake the Burleytoss’s unbreakable grip as he forces himself upon her, over, and over.

And over.

Other tales aren’t quite as sexual, but those tales are seldom as good.

Burleytoss (The)

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