Bolly (Grandmaestro)

"The beauty of the symphony is not what is heard," the Haggish Conductor rasped, "but rather what is not."


The Hag Conductor, Scourge of the Slightly-Out-Of-Tune Ballads, is grotesquely old, her wrinkled skin sagging from what must be very brittle bones. Her gait is shaky, at best, and she requires her iron cane, gnarled like an old willow, to maintain her balance. Her sallow face betrays nothing but her age and a grandmother’s kindness. But rumors surrounding her shadowy orchestra tell a much darker tale.

As the Conductor of the Cutthroat Orchestra, Grandmaestro Bolly takes great pride in her symphonic work. She continually writes and rewrites her scores, changing melodies and harmonies with the moods and seasons of the times. The Orchestra plays on, unwavering and without question. Her apprentices feel the energies of the city, meting out Tattersaw Lower for murmurs and tremors, bringing her inspiration for her music… and making sure her work is left undisturbed.

Those who enter her chambers find it is quite the labyrinth, and, as the Scrubber and his motley learned upon his recent meeting with her, apparently leads travelers exactly where she wants them to be led. Its walls are covered in a vertically striped red velvet, with no windows, and iron-hewn doors – one of which leads to her office, the likes of which belie the sinister appearance of the corridors without. Her inner sanctum is overgrown with foliage, and not a single unnatural item lies within her hallowed sanctuary.

As for her orchestral chambers… not a soul which has entered that amphitheater as ever left. The Sarcophagus Trinity, in fact, has recently lost a pair of its members to that unholy place, a secret which Annona Quinn is eager to hide from her contemporaries. Particularly Lorimer.

Bolly (Grandmaestro)

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