Bade Ignatius Guy

Stagecoach driver turned Pale Mage

Age: 42 (Apparent Age 42) Virtue: Prudence Vice: Sloth
Path: Precepts of Effectuality Order: Sarcophagus Trinity Legacy: -


Ian, choose some of these. Characters are supposed to have three – a combination of short- and long-term, and any kind thereof. Long-term obviously give better Experience rewards, but, conversely, short-term goals are much easier to achieve and may be replaced at the beginning of each Chapter. Keep your Virtue and Vice for now – I read over Blood & Smoke from the Vampire update and apparently supernatural characters use a different mechanic. We’ll update to that whenever they release what exactly the Mage one is (for example, vampires use Mask and Dirge, what they pretend to be and what they are deep down, respectively, and both choose from the same list of traits).


Intelligence •• Strength •• Presence •
Wits ••• Dexterity •••• Manipulation ••
Resolve •• Stamina •• Composure ••••


Mental Physical Social
Folklore •••• Athletics • Animal Ken ••
Enigmas • Brawl Empathy •
Crafts • Operate •• Expression •
Investigation •• Firearms •••• Intimidation ••
Medicine Larceny Persuasion
Occult ••• Stealth • Socialize
Politics Survival Streetwise •
Artifice •• Weaponry • Subterfuge •

Bold denotes Rote Skill

Skill Specialties

Occult: traveler’s tales
Firearms: pistols
Intimidation: get off my lawn


Quick Draw •
Gunslinger •••
Whispers •
Dream •
Trained Observer •
Resources •
Shadow Contacts •
Athenaeum •* (Scriptorium •, Laboratory •)
Status (Sarcophagus Trinity) •
High Speech •
Scriptorium (Mind) •*
Laboratory •*

*Denotes a shared Merit


Fate ••
Mind •••
Spirit ••

Rote Spells

Name Level Dice Pool Arcana
Flight of Birds 1 9 Fate
Mental Mirror 2 8 Mind
Spirit Mail 2 10 Spirit
Door Across the Gauntlet 2 10 Spirit
Fleshless Speech 1 4 Spirit
Thinking for Many 1 8 Mind
Know the Wolf by His Stance 1 7 Mind
Lakshmi’s Touch 1 8 Fate
Blessing of the Gods 2 8 Fate
Atomic Clocks 2 8 Fate
The Butterfly Effect 2 9 Fate
Eye of the Storm 1 9 Fate
Augment the Mind 3 9 Mind
Words on the Wind 2 6 Mind
Indra’s Net 1 7 Fate


long leather jacket and leather hat, 4 double pistols, well whetted carving knife, crossbow, a middle-finger ring whittled from an old elm branch


Health: •••••••
Willpower: ••••••
Level: ••
Essence: max 11/2 per turn
Size: 5
Speed: 11
Defense: 3
Armor: 1/0 (3/2)
Initiative Mod: 8


Wisdom ••••••
Conditions: -


A mediocre student of poor parentage, Bade had few options. Following in the footsteps of the only father figure in his life, Mendax, Bade joined the Plink militia. Unfortunately , this placed him in the first major skirmish in Plink’s recent history at only 14. Bade soon discovered his mentor and Captain was little more than a drunkard and a liar. After it became apparent the Captain was AWOL, Bade was forced to improvise a gunline at the gatehouse. Bade soon became the town drill sergeant. Eventually losing faith in militia life, Bade became a coach driver and personal body guard. Battling alcoholism, Bade found his way back to Plink. It took three years of battling with his own fear of becoming the captain who nearly cost him his life to overcome his adttdiction and find a career at the Academy. It was through his recovery and years working at the school that Bade discovered his faith in Arania, only to lose it years later when he discovered he had some control of the whims of fate.

Though he is all too aware now how little control that is. He was not able to save Caius from his fate, he watched as the life was drained out of him and could do nothing to stop it. Bade has resolved himself to avenge those who stole the lives of the young man he had sworn to protect. He will not turn his back on this, not like Mendax did to him.

Bade is 5’7’’ and approximately 180 lbs. His appearance is haggard, with heavy lines around the eyes and mouth. While he has lost some of the definition of youth, he has tended to his health since he gave up drinking and has not developed the flab that typically accompanies old age. His hair has greyed and there is only the occasional faint fleck of brown to remind one of his original hair color. His eyes have taken on the color of his hair, having lost some of their original blue luster with age.

He tries to maintain appearances, shaves every few days and so ranges from stubble to a short beard. Under times of stress shaving is the first thing to go however, and is a good indication of his overall mood. He seldom smiles in public, and most people who have seen anything other than his usual stony faced stare have caught him unawares, not something that happens with much frequency. He wears a vest and heavy overcoat, and still has a chain to a pocket-watch that has long since gone missing. Accustomed to earthy tones, he is used to browns and blacks in his attire. Seldom does he wear color, but when he does, it is usually a dark burgundy or red.

Bade Ignatius Guy

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