Vampire scientist; kingpin of Tattersaw Lower



Archimetl is a short man, one that has been in control of the criminal underworld of Tattersaw Lower for quite some time. Apparently purported by Sarcophagus Trinity itself, the vampire was able to comfortably exercise his power in the majorly lycanthrope-populated district and perform (oftentimes wicked) experiments on its denizens.

The party met Archimetl as unwitting subjects of one of his cruel contraptions. His astral-projection enigmatic device fed their consciousnesses collectively into spirit-like forms in another location – which happened to be the Ursidae. His experiment was successful until the intervention of Sola Tiris, a vampiric woman of yet unknown motivations. The party, with the exception of Scippio Fortunus, woke from their projected consciousnesses, sought out a fleeing Archimetl, and found him at his strange warehouse lair. Here they killed him directly outside his office before Lorimer, Annona Quinn, and the Sarcophagus Trinity hound Gargrave intervened.

The artifacts in Archimetl’s warehouse were varied and odd. They included quite an array of vampiric banes, surprisingly enough. It is rumored that the vampire society on the Eyrie vehemently opposes his existence.

As of Capitulo VIII, Archimetl was discovered to be quite alive – well, not in the strictest of senses, given his undeath, but very much still mindful and locomotive. Bade Ignatius Guy unwittingly fell into his trap in the astral projector chamber, in which Archimetl had used a paralytic serum on all of the party’s physical bodies. Bade found his consciousness transported back into his physical form as Archimetl, accompanied quite surprisingly by his ally Lorimer, explained to him his plan to drain Caius Germanicus’s physical form of blood, thereby killing him, so that the legal ownership of the Carr would be up for grabs. He then did so before Nero opened a portal of sunlight into the room, causing Archimetl to flee.

As of Capitulo IX, Archimetl’s whereabouts are unknown, but a scorned Lorimer has tried to make amends with the party by suggesting that his new thrall, Scippio, is on the Mobius and it is likely that Archimetl is there with him.


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