Annona Quinn

An oligarch of Sarcophagus Trinity; gentle but mostly lacking common sense.


Annona was an undergraduate assistant of the instructor Marcella (who came to her unfortunate demise during one of Lorimer‘s questionable-at-best lessons on a graduating class’s senior field study trip). At the time she was completing her thesis at the Academiae, and she would do so at the conclusion of this ill-fated trip – costing Lorimer his job through her detailed admissions in the process. It is unclear whether or not he harbors resentment over this fact, but given his personality he most likely does.

Annona went on to accept Marcella’s teaching position at the Academiae, but as Bade and Nero Faxon would soon after discover, she and her late mentor were both Mages of the Sarcophagus Trinity. Annona helped Nero and his companion Comyn through their studies at Pars III, and has always shown the former of the two much preferential treatment from afar. By the time she was inducted into the upper echelon of the Sarcophagus Trinity, she had pushed her two pupils’ education to early completion – both had proven to be quite adept at the umbral arts of Magic, as they had excelled under her guidance.

Now she still holds her position as an Oligarch of the Sarcophagus Trinity, but seeks to end her tenure at the Academiae despite her lack of promising replacement. Neither Comyn nor Nero seem to be warming up to the potential task.

Annona Quinn

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