Ace Sedai

Soulless Husk of a human with an Enigma specialization.


Physical description:
Wears a suit (like police detectives) with a thin silver tie and pocket square.
Short cropped dirty blond hair, no facial hair.
Thin and gangly, with slight high water pants.
Polished black shoes.

Machinist(Argentum) 3
Machinist (Umbra) 1
Artificer Style (Jury-Rigger) 2
Fleet of Foot 3
Resources 2
Direction Sense 1
Contacts(Defensor Agentia) 1

Rote Schematics:
Read Matrices 1
Omnivision 1 Space
Nightvision 1 Forces
Kinetic Blow 2 Forces
Unseen Shield 2 Forces
Repair Object 3 Matter
Transmute Earth 3 Matter

Comatose – No soul


Ace Sedai was born and raised by his single mother, Tacita Sedai, in Plink. Ms. Sedai worked as a stenographer typing depositions, court transcripts and whatever the Plink government needed to be quickly recorded. Eeking out a meager existance it was strange to see Ace attending a prestigous private school, The Academiae, that everyone knew Ms. Sedai couldn’t afford. The rumor amongst the students was Ms. Sedai was sleeping with the school president; while, some parents thought differently that he was getting some kind of scholarship or discount. This caused most people to shun Ace and Tacita from school events and making friends. Ace didn’t mind the separation from his peers, he lumped their indifference in with his anger towards his absent father and soldiered on alone. Without true friends and only a few acquaintances Ace kept his nose to the grindstone and studied hard so he could learn everything and make a name for himself.

When Ace was 16, a felon smuggled an enigma into the courtroom of the judge, who had executed his brother, and detonated it. The judge survived but tragically Tacita Sedai did not. Her workman’s comp paid Ace a stipend enough to live in a smaller apartment and still have food. Now the teachers and students felt bad for Ace, but he shut himself off from them and kept soldiering on. These were Ace’s darkest days, when he hated everyone for everything and in his dreams he imagined his father and what kind of tortures he might do to him for leaving him to suffer through this alone.

Wanting to know more, Ace began to pour his effort into enigmas, how did they work what limitations were there and how could he get stronger. Eventually a few students began to respect Ace and he started to warm up to the idea of friendship. Chief among these “pals” was Nero Faxon, a fellow prodigy student and fellow outside the box thinker. While on their final exam, Ace and Nero left the group to pursue a more profitable way of obtaining a goblin ear. While the class ripped a caged goblin apart, Ace and Nero went on a friendship bonding chase through the woods after a hobgoblin. Once they caught and killed it, they returned triumphant with matching ear necklaces (one of Ace’s favorite possessions). Ace has begrudingly become friends with Poo Boy (getting his namesake from jumping into the shit pile at the bottom of an outhouse) the “owner” and pilot of Carr.

Upon graduation, Ace Sedai continued his pursuit of knowledge of Enigmas and passed his entrance exams to the Defensor Agentia. As an officer of the law, Sedai patrols Plink protecting the citizens from scoundrels, hooligans, and killers; until the Academiae’s reunion where Ace Sedai finds himself on a trip to Mobius with Nero, Scippio, Bade, and Poo Boy.

At the end of Pars VII, Sedai received an important message from the Defensor Agentia to return to HQ in Plink. Returning to Defensor Agentia Principium, Ace found the building deserted. Finding a special agent only code to a safe house location, Sedai took a standard issue “Gravity Gun” and boarded the special subterranean tram to cross The Traverse to scout out the house, in Titan. Ensuring he wasn’t followed, Sedai entered the basement apartment to find a slaughter of his fellow agents. The bloodbath seemed to be fresh and he heard a female voice from below.

No one will ever fully know what transpired but Ace Sedai’s astral projection did not survive the encounter and his body remains in a catatonic state hooked up to the machine.

Ace Sedai

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