Chapter XIV

The Crew Goes to the Opera

Dramatis Personae

Ace Sedai
Bade Ignatius Guy
Caius Germanicus
Nero Faxon
Sola Tiris

Part I: Pretending That Last Part Never Happened

Sola Tiris was pleasantly full. It had been a while since she had had her last feast, before the one she consumed the night before. Of course, meals for vampires were quite different than those of mortals, and even other supernaturals; instead she had to drink the hue out of anything colored red.

No, wait, that’s a different universe. That’s an adventure for a different time. Vampires, here in Arania, drank blood. Good, old fashioned vampire bloodsucking.

Ace Sedai’s near-lifeless body stood next to her. She eyed him pleasingly for but a moment. But Caius, who had a penchant for possessing and operating Ace’s soulless form, peeked his ethereal head out from the slack-jawed husk of a man and grinned at her. He winked knowingly and surreptitiously waggled his eyebrows. Sola, flushed, snapped her head back frontward. She could see dead people, and right now she hated it.

The Crew had tracked the elusive werebandicoot to what Sola Tiris recognized as some sort of governmental building. Its white marbleized pillars and angular, evenly intersecting rooftops gave it away and, in her opinion, made the obnoxious point of being there and subsequently being a very nice target. Men always housed their leaders in such obvious “important” places, and this hubris honestly made her job as someone who interfered with the well-beings of other leaders much easier.

But as an ill-Fated change of pace it seemed to hamper her intentions considerably this time around. Her target was a hideaway lycanthrope in the building, and could honestly be just about anyone inside. At least they were in Tattersaw Lower, and at least it was night, which meant that any potential witnesses from the surrounding blocks were impeded by the very convenient condition of being incredibly drunk. But with a werebandicoot bound to be tearing up the streets, she doubted a mostly mortal-looking vampire going twenty of thirty meters per hour over the normal speed of Man would be remembered as having much consequence anyway.

Teatime Rendezvous

“Ahem,” Bade cleared his throat from the other side of Ace. “You mentioned something about going inside?”

Sola snapped to. “Yes,” she replied hastily, as she stepped forward toward the three-story tavern.



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